Why Wedding Insurance – ‘Is that a Thing?’

Why Wedding Insurance - Is That a Thing

Why Wedding Insurance – Is That a Thing?

It has been a busy month with Wedding Expos having exhibited at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Geelong Bridal Expo and the Melbourne Wedding Expo at Flemington.

I still think expos are a great way to have good conversations with Wedding Couples and explain that Wedding Insurance exists – ‘Is that a thing’ is still the number 1 reaction I get.

And even though it’s only a 1-2 minute discussion providing a quick outline of the product, couples can certainly see the benefits and why it may be necessary.  Added to this are some of the stories that have been relayed where things have not gone to plan and couples have been left financially out of pocket.

As with all insurance products it’s important to get into the details, understand the terms and conditions and importantly what it doesn’t cover before making any purchase.

So what are some of those things with Our Perfect Wedding Insurance?

 Illness within the Bridal Party

An example that was detailed to us recently was the Mother of the Bride being diagnosed with cancer 4 weeks out from the Big Day, a horrible shock to everyone concerned.

There was an immediate operation required as well as ongoing treatment, so the wedding couple decided to move the date out so that the Mother of the Bride could get the treatment she needed and recover for the wedding.

With the majority of deposits, they are not refundable and whilst many wedding suppliers will look to accommodate there were still major expenses incurred to change the date.

 Deposits with Suppliers

When you start making decisions on which wedding suppliers you want to book, you do all the background work you can to make sure they are the right choice.  However, unforeseen things that can happen.

At the Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo I had a discussion with a Bride to be who had chosen her photographer and placed a $700 deposit to book the date. She had done her background checks, spent time with the photographer to make sure it was the right fit.  All the things that you should do.

Unfortunately, something happened with the photographer and they went into bankruptcy, closing the business down. As part of that process none of the deposits that had been taken were paid back to wedding couples. So other than the frustration of having to find another photographer she was also out of pocket $700.

Doing all the checks on suppliers and getting recommendations is still important but purchasing Wedding Insurance allows you to have Peace of Mind with the deposits you have paid out.

Venues Changing Owners?

Another real life example was a Wedding Couple who has chosen the venue, put the deposit down and went on to keep planning the other aspects of the Big Day. Again all the background work was conducted they had even been to another wedding at the venue and really enjoyed the night.

During the following months the venue was sold and the ownership passed on to new owners. You would think this shouldn’t be a problem; you wouldn’t buy a business that didn’t have bookings confirmed so all should proceed normally.

Unfortunately the new owners sent a letter advising that they would not be honouring the booking and as it was made with the previous owners they wouldn’t be paying a refund. With no contact details of the previous owners there was no way to chase them either.

So on to finding a new venue and also out of pocket for the original deposit.

Think about Wedding Insurance

The examples provided are stories that have been discussed with us during the last few weeks and they didn’t have Wedding Insurance.  On reflection if they had known it existed it would have made a difference to their financial situation.  Whilst the chance of this occurring to your Big Day is difficult to state, the support provided by Wedding Insurance if it does is not.

So when you’re doing your budget and working through the wedding supplier contracts think about Wedding Insurance. For a fraction of your wedding budget you can be covered.  How much would that peace of mind be worth to you?

Get more detail on the costs and the packages available.


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