OPW Spotlight – Weddings by Alia

Weddings by Alia

Today we are shining the OPW spotlight on Weddings by Alia and getting an insight into Celebrants.

Finding the right wedding supplier for your perfect day can always be a challenge and here at Our Perfect Wedding we always enjoy talking to other wedding suppliers to find out more about the industry and what makes a great day.

Alia Pooley – Weddings by Alia

It’s always great meeting other Wedding Suppliers at Expos and I recently met Alia in Geelong at the Geelong Bridal Expo and again recently at the Melbourne Wedding Expo at Flemington. As a wedding couple building a relationship with your Wedding Suppliers is a tip I always suggest with Wedding Couples and especially with your Celebrant making sure you have the right fit ensure you get the best ceremony for you and sets the day up for success.

You can find Alia on Facebook: Weddings by Alia

Or on her website: www.weddingsbyalia.com.au

1.     Tell me about your Business? 

I created Weddings by Alia because I love meeting new people & hearing all about their wedding plans, and also because I really enjoy the creative process of designing a wedding ceremony for two people making a commitment to each other. Being a celebrant is a role which sums up everything I love to do and fits in perfectly with my outgoing personality. 

2.     How long have you been in Business?

I became a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant in April 2016, and conducted my first ceremony for two close friends of mine in October 2016 at Oakridge Winery in the Yarra Valley. I was on such a buzz after this wedding I knew I had to follow this passion for weddings I’ve always had and take things further. I registered the business name in December 2016, and began conducting weddings from this point on. 

3.     What should couples look for when selecting a Wedding Celebrant?

Finding a celebrant that is the “right fit” for the couple planning a wedding is important as the ceremony sets the tone for the entire wedding day. As a celebrant, I love talking about all things wedding related and assisting couples with ideas on how to make their ceremony memorable. As part of my celebrancy services I offer all couples an obligation free meeting as a chance for couples to chat about them and their ideas for their wedding, get to know each other and allow the couple to decide if I’m the right celebrant for them.

4. What is the biggest mistake couple make when selecting a Wedding Celebrant?

Under Australian law, only an authorised celebrant can legally solemnise marriages within Australia. The department maintains a list of all authorised marriage celebrants in Australia; this is referred to as the Register of Marriage Celebrants. The Register of Marriage celebrants can be used to search for authorised celebrants in Australia.  As long as couples choose a celebrant that is suitably qualified (namely a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant from the list of authorised marriage celebrants) then they can be assured that the ceremony will be legally valid under Australian law. 

5.     What are the latest trends that you are seeing?

From a celebrant’s perspective, what I’ve been noticing is couples making an emphasis on finding unique ways to make their wedding ceremony unique, and injecting their own personality and style into their big day. Many couples I have worked with prefer to go for a “short and sweet” ceremony with a few personal touches and minimal fuss rather than a long traditional ceremony with lots of readings and symbolic actions.

6.   What’s the most bizarre or interesting thing you have seen at a wedding?

I find all weddings interesting, but one of my all time favourite weddings I conducted was a surprise wedding in the couple’s front yard which I guess sounds a bit bizarre, but it was a really awesome ceremony. The couple had roped their family into coming over for a BBQ to celebrate their daughter’s baptism and I had to pretend to be the cake maker, the bride’s sister – anything to keep it under wraps before kicking off with the ceremony. The look on all the faces (and all the happy tears that flowed) when I announced that I was a marriage celebrant and that they were there to witness this couple get married was unbelievable, cars pulled up to look and the neighbours popped out to see what all the squealing and fuss was all about! Will never forget being a part of that moment with this couple. 

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