Your wedding supplier cancels? How to avoid an epic bridezilla meltdown


Here is an ugly and unfortunate truth you may not enjoy hearing. Weddings can be unpredictable. Your wedding suppliers can (and do) cancel. And even hiring the best wedding suppliers in Australia, or most expensive for that matter, doesn’t guarantee that everything will flow smoothly. For instance, a major accident en route to your wedding could cause all the flowers for your wedding to topple over in the delivery vehicle and be destroyed.

This is just one example, there are so many other things that you have no control over that could happen and that hamper your wedding supplier’s ability to follow through on the day. This makes having a backup plan imperative.

Here’re 3 things you should do 12 months out from your wedding date to reduce the impact a possible wedding vendor cancellation can have on your dream day.


Hire a Wedding Planner


wedding insurance tip hire a wedding planner

Reputable wedding planners have built relationships with a variety of the best wedding suppliers they know and trust. Experience has also taught them that for every plan A there must always be a plan B. You may want to cut costs by trying to DIY your wedding, but inexperience may prove to be more costly than hiring an professional wedding planner to take some of the wedding planning stress off your shoulders.

Experienced wedding planners have the following characteristics:

  • A strong portfolio
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Attentive to your needs
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Budget friendly
  • Flexible and able to think quickly
  • Access to other suppliers
  • Creativity Unlimited


Get Wedding Insurance


doing the wedding insurance happy dance

The purpose of insurance is the same regardless of the industry. You buy life insurance to help cover possible expenses that will occur when you die. You buy health insurance to cover possible health concerns. Similarly, wedding insurance provides cover for possible wedding day mishaps. Which do happen.

We attend wedding expos all over the country. And common problems that we are asked about by Australian brides in relation to wedding suppliers are covered in the Our Perfect Wedding insurance packages. We have 4 wedding insurance packages. Each package includes a provision for failure of suppliers. We’ll pay up to the limit shown for the relevant plan for specified costs or expenses in the event of bankruptcy, liquidation or non-appearance of wedding suppliers during the policy period. Eeeek it sounds so extreme, we know. But it does happen and we’re here to help.


Get Everything in Writing


wedding insurance tip: get everything in writing

Word-of-mouth agreements don’t guarantee delivery from wedding suppliers in Australia. All agreements you make with wedding suppliers should be made in writing and signed by relevant parties. Written agreements are easier to prove legally when disputing a breach of contract.

Getting a written agreement is one thing, reading it thoroughly is another. You can’t treat a written agreement with a wedding supplier the same way that you treat a user agreement with Apple or any other online services. Clicking “I Agree”, or signing the agreement, without reading all the fine details won’t cut it. Carefully read the agreement, ask questions for clarification, request revisions for areas where you’re uncomfortable, and sign only when you agree.

Nevertheless, you’re probably reading this article because you’re already tossing and turning at night over the long list of “what ifs”. You are fully aware that the success of your wedding hinges on the wedding suppliers you choose.

Here’re 3 things you can do to handle the aftermath of wedding supplier cancellation if anything does threaten to turn the happiest day of your life into your worst.


Keep Calm


wedding insurance tip: stay calm, avoid bridezilla moment

Becoming anxious and overwhelmed is counterproductive. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and think like a problem solver. Move forward and stay positive. Start contacting other wedding suppliers in Australia who may be able to step in. Tell them what has happened and if they can’t help you, they may know someone who can help with your wedding day dilemma.


Discuss Alternatives with the Wedding Supplier


wedding insurance tip: have a plan b

A wedding supplier will typically cancel within a certain time frame (unless its an unforeseen disaster) that allows you to find a viable alternative. This may be a month or even a few days before your wedding. Discuss possible alternatives with the supplier the moment you receive the cancellation. You should be able to trust any recommendation a reputable wedding supplier makes.  In fact, the wedding supplier may be better able to convince another supplier to fulfil a last-minute request than you are.


Request a Refund


wedding insurance tip: as for a refund

Business ethics and most agreements dictate that the supplier should provide a refund. There are rare instances where the wedding supplier may attempt to do their best to avoid supplying the refund. This is known to happen especially if a contract hasn’t been signed prior to the arrangement.

Getting a refund is your right but with Our Perfect Wedding insurance you can rest easy that any out of pocket expenses will be covered.

The simple strategies outlined above will save you a great deal of heartbreak and unwanted stress.


Our Perfect Wedding


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