• Emerald
  • $250
  • Cancelation & Rescheduling
  • Additional Expenses
  • Failure of Suppliers
  • Specific Property
  • Wedding Photographs & Video
  • Wedding Documents
  • Wedding Equipments
  • Personal Liability

Emerald Package


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• The insured has read, considered and understood the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) including the Duty of Disclosure, and Financial Services Guide for Our Perfect Wedding insurance.

• The insured is an Australian resident.

• The insured has read and understood the Privacy Notice contained in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for Our Perfect Wedding insurance and consents to the collection and uses of personal information and other terms as contained therein.

• The insured agrees that all information, documentation and notices in relation to this insurance may be sent to the email address provided in this application.

• If I am submitting on behalf of the insured, I have their authority to do so and I have their express consent to make the above declarations for them.

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