OPW Spotlight – Undisposable

Today we are shining the OPW spotlight on a different spin on taking photos during your reception – Undisposable. Why not let your guests take the photos and you can sit back and enjoy.

Finding the right wedding supplier for your perfect day can always be a challenge and here at Our Perfect Wedding we always enjoy talking to other wedding suppliers to find out more about the industry and what makes a great day.

Undisposable – Peter & Emma

Undisposable give wedding guests cameras and they’ll take photos. They collect the photos and print them, give you a digital copy and gives you hours of looking back over the amazing times of your event.

You can get in contact with Peter & Emma below.

Website:     www.undisposable.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/undisposable

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/undisposable


Tell me about your Business?

We are a camera hire and on-site printing service. We provide lots of cameras for the guests of weddings and other events to take their own photos.
With every guest being an amateur photographer, the couple get those photos that would have been locked away on phones or too candid for even the pros to catch. The photos are then printed as digital polaroid instantly for guests and a second copy for the couple. We’re like polaroids, disposable cameras and a photobooth in one, with unique styled prints and the entertainment unrestricted.

What should couples look for when selecting a ‘Photo Solution’?

We find that couples benefit most from three things: An activity where guests have some control, a take home for guests that they’ll keep and something that is unique to their wedding. For some people this means a photobooth with unusual and outrageous props, but one backdrop for every photo. Others elect for polaroid cameras with lots of expensive film, but are left wanting when guests take the best copies home. We want everyone to win and think a distributed blend of digital and prints hits every nail on the head.

UndisposableWhat is the biggest mistake couples make when selecting a ‘Photo Solutions’?

I think the photobooth industry has dominated tha last 10 years of weddings and now couples are pushed towards deciding which type of photobooth is best, rather than asking themself if a photobooth is actually what they want. We’ve seen every kind of entertainment and bonbonniere from board games to snow globes and everything in between. Personal touches don’t have to mean spending loads of money, and often the most unique pieces are the simplest. This year we had a bride who got some inexpensive acrylic magnetic frames but filled with the photos guests took themselves, they were perfect.

What are the latest wedding trends you are seeing?

We’ve definitely seen two trends over our last couples of years; smaller more intimate weddings with less than 100 guests and a big push towards wholly outdoor weddings with marquees, food vans and playing games on the lawn in lieu of delicate canapes in a cramped venue foyer.

Why is the most bizarre or interesting thing you have seen at a wedding?

I was at a wedding late last year in Western Australia which happened to have the two most interesting things. Half way through the reception everyone had to jump up from their seat to go watch the cake cutting and first dance at the separate dance floor. When everyone got back to their seats the tables had been re-dressed and a new seating arrangement hung up. The guests all found their new seats to make new friends, get out of their comfort zones a little and continued on with the main meal after moving all their bags/jackets haha. Then later it was announced that the groom’s father happened to be fan of an equestrian man…well not really but he did write a song called “Horses”. Thats right, we smashed through an amazing surprise personal concert by the hall of famer Daryl Braithwaite!

Have you been involved in a wedding where something went wrong?

The better question would be if I’ve been invovled in a wedding where something didn’t go wrong. Fortunately most of the time its small, like the groom needing to drive to the bride’s preparation to pick up the shirt he forget. Other times its bigger and even more out of our control…the weather. With ever more weddings being outside with marquees and on farms or estates, there have been too many times that mother nature did not behave. There is one particular time that comes to mind where the rain was torrential and lasted just long enough to get below the false floor in the marquee. Our whole printing station had to be moved out of the rain and had to be switched for a couple of hours while a safe alternative power source and dry table was sourced. While we at least kept our service for later in the night, the band didn’t take any chances and abandoned the whole event to avoid their high voltage equipment creating unnecessary hazards. We didn’t find out how the couple resolved the contract with the band but its not a situation we’d want to be in as either a supplier or client.

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