OPW Spotlight – Tiger Lily Weddings & Events

Tiger Lily Wedding & Events

Today we are shining the OPW spotlight on a Melbourne based Wedding Planner – Tiger Lily Weddings & Events. 

Finding the right wedding supplier for your perfect day can always be a challenge and here at Our Perfect Wedding we always enjoy talking to other wedding suppliers to find out more about the industry and what makes a great day.

Tiger Lily Weddings & Events- Kiri Walker

Tiger Lily Weddings & Events officially launched in January 2018, after years of working with other planners & doing Wedding Sales & Coordination at many 5 star venues & hotels across Australia & Scotland, it was time to take the leap of faith! I have over 15 years experience in the events industry so when you work with Kiri, you can be assured that I know a thing or two about weddings.

You can get in contact with Kiri below.

Website:     www.tigerlilyweddingsandevents.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tigerlilyweddingsmelbourne

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/tigerlilywedding


Tell me about your Business?

I am the Director & Principal Wedding Planner at Tiger Lily Weddings & Events. We are based in Melbourne, although we service all of Victoria as well as interstate & destination weddings too. I have a Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling & Design, as well as a Diploma of Event Management. I love my business, I love my clients & I love the industry professionals that I surround myself with everyday. It is such a rewarding journey that I get to share with my couples & I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

What should couples look for when selecting a Wedding Planner?

When looking for a Wedding Planner, don’t make your decision based on price. Your wedding planning journey is a long one (usually at least 12 months), so you need to make sure that you get along with your planner & feel like they understand your vision. You really do become planning BFF’s, you need to feel like you can talk freely & get along. You will be spending a lot of time together, so you need to be a right fit for each other. Likewise the planner needs to ensure they are the right planner for you.

What is the biggest mistake couples make when selecting a Wedding Planner?

Tiger Lily Wedding & EventsThere are a lot of mistakes clients make when hiring many of their wedding suppliers, which is why us planners are so handy. I think one of the biggest mistakes made when hiring a planner, is only getting them to help with the planning elements & not having them there on the day of the wedding also, to help with execution.
This has happened to myself (& my planner colleagues) in the past, the client had a tight budget & decided not to have me there on the day, although we had done the full planning package. She felt that one of her family members was going to be responsible for setting up & styling & the 3 of us had gotten together beforehand to go over everything that the bride wanted & where everything was going to go. On the morning of the wedding the family member, decided she knew better & changed up a lot of the styling. My client was horrified & very upset as we’d spent months organising very specifically what she wanted. There was also some issues with the Venue Coordinator that didn’t set up some things properly too. Had I have been there on the day all of these dramas could have been avoided & my clients would have had their perfect wedding.
Unfortunately after your wedding is over, it’s too late for hindsight. You go to so much effort & spend hundreds of hours planning your wedding & you can’t put a price on piece of mind & memories. After all you wouldn’t get an inexperienced person to paint your house or service your car, so why get an inexperienced friend or family member to plan & execute your wedding day?

What are the latest wedding trends you are seeing?

Unless you’ve been sitting under a rock all year, you will know that there was a royal wedding & with any royal wedding comes new trends that many people just have to follow. So expect to see beautiful clean lines in bridal gowns & fashion & more natural makeup application. There are some current trends with ceremony styling that we’ve seen for a while & I think we’ll see them for a while still, that is Ceremony arbours with dramatic floral styling. Circular & geometric shaped arches are very popular too. Food trucks have made a big impact on the scene & we are seeing a lot more festival style weddings that are weekend long affairs. I just love these & it’s a great opportunity to spend a lot of time with your guests. For those guests that can’t come to the whole weekend, the could just come for part of it, so they don’t miss out.

Why is the most bizarre or interesting thing you have seen at a wedding?

All weddings are interesting & unique, I always get a lot of enjoyment when my clients organise choreographed dance routines for their introductions into the room with their bridal party or have a flash mob, it always guarantees a laugh & audience participation. The best thing I’ve seen (although definitely not bizarre), was when the brides sister, parents & the groom organised for the brides favourite musician to perform at the reception as a surprise to the bride, after the speeches. As part of the brides speech she mentioned a particular song from this musician, that she relates her relationship to her partner to & she listened to it as she was getting ready for her big day. Her sisters speech followed & when she introduced the musician, all eyes were on the bride to see her reaction & it was everything you wanted & expected. It’s those moments that also mean the world to me as a planner, that I was a part of that & helped make that happen. It never fails to make me feel so incredibly lucky to do what I do & that my clients chose me to make those moments happen.

Have you been involved in a wedding where something went wrong?

Unfortunately there are things beyond people’s control such as weather & ceremony arbours not being secured to the ground properly & they fall over in strong winds. I have been lucky to avoid too many disasters. I have experienced cancelled weddings the day before. I was working as a Wedding Coordinator in Sydney at a top venue, the brides parents failed to tell us that they had organised some surprise indoor pyrotechnics & we needed 48 hours notice to isolate the smoke alarms in the function room. Unfortunately we couldn’t allow them to go ahead as it was a safety issue for the whole precinct.

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