OPW Spotlight – Bubbles & Bouquets

Bubbles & Bouquets

Today we are shining the OPW spotlight on a Sydney based Wedding Planner – Bubbles & Bouquets. 

Finding the right wedding supplier for your perfect day can always be a challenge and here at Our Perfect Wedding we always enjoy talking to other wedding suppliers to find out more about the industry and what makes a great day.

Bubbles & Bouquets – Rachel Lu

Outsourcing your planning means more time for you to catch up with your friends and family and to really enjoy the celebration. We’d really love to surprise you with a day that’s more beautiful and more exciting than you could ever imagine. Let us take the stress off you; it’s what we do for a living!

You can get in contact with Rachel below.

Website:     https://www.bubblesandbouquets.com.au

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bubbles_and_bouquets/

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/bubblesandbouquets/


Tell me about your Business?

I’m a Wedding Planner at Bubbles and Bouquets. I’m based in Hornsby, NSW but I travel anywhere. I’m passionate about helping Brides get an understanding of what to expect with weddings and to help take the stress off the process so they can truly remember and enjoy the day. When I was a Bride, I found that no one (not even the internet) could truly answer all the burning questions I had in my head about how to plan a wedding and every budget template I found looked too unrealistic for me to use. So I created Bubbles and Bouquets to really educate Brides on the Wedding Industry and how to rearrange your budget so you can get the wedding you’ve dreamed of at an affordable price!

What should couples look for when selecting a Wedding Planner?

It really just comes down to personality. Your wedding planner gets to know you pretty well and you spend a lot of time together so find someone who you can get along with really well and that you feel comfortable confiding in. They’ll be making a lot of decisions on your behalf so trusting that they can execute on your wedding vision definitely stems from whether you get along and understand each other.

What is the biggest mistake couples make when selecting a Wedding Planner?

Bubbles & BouquetsNot hiring us first. Usually, couples hire the venue before the Planner but that is when your Planner would be the most useful. Your planner can decipher the different packages for you and help you figure out if it’s worth its value. I had a bride on a 20k budget spend 10k on a venue that didn’t supply food or decorations. That leaves her 10k for everything else which is quite difficult. It also doesn’t cost any different whether you hire your planner before you start planning or halfway through so why not make the most of your wedding planner?
Another thing is mistaking Venue Coordinators to be the same as Wedding Planners. We’re actually very different because from the moment you hire a Wedding Planner, they work for you and you alone. Venue Coordinators work for the venue. This means that at the forefront of every decision and suggestion made by your wedding planner is driven by what you want and what you desire from your wedding. Depending on the type of Wedding Planner, we usually help set up the wedding from place cards to decorations to bombonieres which are tasks usually Venue Coordinator don’t undertake.

What are the latest wedding trends you are seeing?

There’s so much burgundy right now – it’s at every wedding! I’d like to see that pass haha but it’s also usually complemented with gold accents. There’s been a few that are going with burgundy and silver instead of gold and I think that will be the next upcoming trend.

Why is the most bizarre or interesting thing you have seen at a wedding?

Bubbles & Bouquets

I did a wedding with a fully self-sustaining 7 piece band! These guys were walking around with instruments strapped to their body and playing them like absolute champs! This allowed them to interact with guests and get in amongst them dancing. They didn’t need any speakers or microphones but the atmosphere was infectious. I couldn’t stop watching them. Their music is the type to get you dancing even if you hate dancing! I wish I could go to weddings with them all the time!

Have you been involved in a wedding where something went wrong?

Haha, unfortunately despite how much you prepare for an event, something always goes awry. But that’s what I’m here for! I had a wedding where the venue hadn’t seen the latest seating plan and had set up the reception hall accordingly. Thank goodness I checked it because we had to go back and re-arrange everything – we did it in time! The venue coordinator was absolutely brilliant as she worked with me to make sure it was exactly how the couple wanted it. That’s why you hire good vendors for your wedding because they’ll always go the extra mile to make sure it’s perfect for you the couple.

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