Our Perfect Wedding Insurance FAQ

Who can apply for Our Perfect Wedding Insurance?

Any Australian resident couples getting married. Our Perfect Wedding Insurance can be purchased by the Bride, Groom or a member of their immediate family

How far in advance should I purchase Our Perfect Wedding Insurance to ensure my wedding is covered?

The minimum period is between 30 days and the maximum period is 12 months.

Is there a policy excess for Our Perfect Wedding Insurance?

Yes there is a $100 excess for each event claimed under the Policy.

What level of cover would I need?

There are four levels available. You should select a level of coverage based on your total wedding budget and what you are comfortable with. This includes the amount that will be spent on the venue, gown, wedding rings, caterer, flowers, transport, and all other deposits and wedding purchases.

You should consider the appropriateness of this guidance taking into account your personal objectives, financial circumstances and needs. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement to decide whether to purchase this insurance.

Does Our Perfect Wedding Insurance cover weddings outside Australia?

No , Our Perfect Wedding Insurance only covers wedding within Australia.

Is there a cooling off period where I can cancel my policy?

You can cancel the policy within the 14 day cooling off period provided that no claim has arisen. We will cancel the policy and give you a full refund of your premium.

Will Our Perfect Wedding Insurance cover my honeymoon?

No. But if you are Travelling Overseas we do offer Travel Insurance via our Website.

What happens if the bride, groom or family member gets sick just before the wedding/ceremony?

Cover is provided if the illness of the bride, groom or immediate family member causes the cancellation or curtailment of the wedding. Please read the policy wording for limitations and exclusions.

What happens if our suppliers go out of business before the wedding?

Cover will be provided subject to limitations and exclusions.

What happens in the event that either the Bride or the Groom decides to change their mind?

Cancellation costs incurred by either party deciding not to go ahead with the wedding will not be paid. Please read the Policy Wording for full details on limitations and exclusions.

We are a same-sex couple and plan to have a civil ceremony, can we apply also?

Yes, this policy can be purchased for civil partnership or commitment ceremonies.

How do I make a claim?

To lodge a claim, view our How to Claim page or email claims@ourperfectwedding.com.au. You will be required to advise us of your policy number, the reason for your claim as well as the details of other people and/or suppliers that are involved.

How can I make changes to my policy?

You can make changes to your policy by emailing your request to info@ourperfectwedding.com.au

Please note, should you wish to make changes to your level of cover an additional premium may be payable.

What happens if the wedding is cancelled?

You are covered if your wedding is cancelled or cut short due to specified events listed in the policy. If any of the specified events occur, you may have to pay for suppliers or goods that you’ve booked but cannot use. Under this cover, you would be able to claim for these costs. Please refer to Section 1, page 6 of the Policy Wording for the list of specific events that are covered against cancellation of the wedding.

Will I be covered for deposits already paid prior to purchasing Our Perfect Wedding Insurance?

Yes, providing any event causing the cancellation of the wedding occurs 30 days after the date of policy purchase. Please refer to Section 1, page 6 of the Policy Wording for full details on limitations and exclusions.

We're hiring a marquee, are we covered?

Yes, please refer to the policy wording for limits and exclusions.