Can Weather Impact your Big Day?

Can Weather impact your Big Day

Can weather impact your big day? It’s been a horrible weekend in Melbourne with a major rain event hitting Victoria, last week it was over 30 degrees every day and then the rain hit and whilst it didn’t hit Melbourne quite as hard as all the experts had predicated it did hit other parts of Victoria in a big way.

With the predicated 200mm in 24 hours not occurring in Melbourne we still got 107mm, so over the last 2 days we have received the entire month’s rainfall.  In the outskirts of Melbourne and Country areas like Myrtleford and Euroa they were inundated with rain and have had flash flooding and rain damage. They really got hit hard.

No one expected this type of weather pattern to hit Melbourne in the first weekend of Summer normally a popular date for Weddings.

So can weather impact your big day?  The motivation for this Blog was an article a friend sent me over the weekend about a wedding couple needing to cancel their wedding due to the flooding in Euroa.

With the venue expected to be flooded over the weekend and a number of people also staying in the accommodation at the venue the owners had to have the difficult conversation about postponing the wedding as the wedding couple could be trapped for a number of days and/or the wedding guests couldn’t access the venue for the wedding – what a horrible conversation to have.

When people ask me what Wedding Insurance is and why would you buy it, it can be difficult for couples to appreciate that things don’t always go to plan, but this is a very tangible example.  No one expected the flash flooding to occur, and in this case the venue and other suppliers did go out of their way to assist but this may not always be so.  Changing dates at the last minute is difficult and not always possible and there will be potential financial loss during the process.

That’s where wedding insurance comes into play.  Paying for the rearrangement costs or loss of deposits that have been paid out to suppliers are included in available packages.  It may not get rid of the stress but it does remove the financial impacts and give you confidence to work on rearranging the day!

Think about Wedding Insurance

So when you’re doing your budget and working through the wedding supplier contracts think about Wedding Insurance. For a fraction of your wedding budget you can be covered.  How much would that peace of mind be worth to you?

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