2016 Wedding Statistics

Wedding Statistcs

One of things that is regularly discussed at Wedding & Bridal Expos is ‘how the planning going’ and the response is mixed.  There are couples that are planning 2-3 years out, have booked the major components like the reception, photographer & celebrant and are looking to fill in the gaps. There are the recently engaged who are just starting the planning process and are just a little overwhelmed by the choices on offer or those that are at the beginning of their planning with the date quickly approaching. Setting a wedding budget is always difficult but here are some wedding statistics that may provide an insight.

So I got my hands on the 2016 research on the Wedding Industry conducted by Easy Weddings and thought it would be useful to see how couples are spending their wedding budget.

The survey had more than 2,300 respondents across the country, which enables some great insights on spending habits of couples in 2016.  It also provides an interesting insight into a couples wedding planning experiences.

2016 Wedding Statistics

2016 Wedding Statistics

The number of weddings in Australia doesn’t really change that much year on year, with the average number of marriages approximately 121,000 per year, with the wedding statistics only changing in small changes year on year.

Though this number will change considerably if the same sex marriage legislation goes through the Australian Parliament in late 2017.  This will be a massive boom for the industry but will also put pressure on venues, photographers and celebrants to be able to schedule into a fairly tough seasonally driven industry.

2016 Wedding Statistics

Planning a wedding is always challenging and nothing is more critical than the budget so getting the original budget locked down is challenging but more of an issue is not letting the wedding budget blow out.

When’s the Big Day?

No surprises that Saturday is the most popular day of the week for the wedding ceremony and reception at 62%, with Friday (15%) and Sunday (11%) lagging behind.

2016 Wedding Statistics

Spring is still the most popular of the seasons with autumn coming in second place.  This is driven by location as in the southern states the weather patterns can influence this trend.  Currently I am sitting here in Melbourne in late September and we are still getting temperatures of 12 degrees.

The response from the wedding statistics, on how the wedding date is selected is interesting as 34% said there was no single reason and 22% said their choice was selected by season. 16% selected the date due to a significant date important to the couple i.e. an anniversary and 11% chose the date based on the availability of their preferred venue.

Pressure will continue on dates as more popular times for highly recommended venues will push wedding dates out to 2-3 years – there are only so many Saturday’s in November.

How is the Wedding Budget Spent?

Wedding Venues – average cost $13,225

Selecting a wedding venue is normally one of the first things that needs to be decided and booked, as previously mentioned getting the date you want at the dream venue can lead to scheduling the big day 2-3 years out.

2016 Wedding Statistics

Wedding Dresses – average cost $2,475

This part of the planning can be the most enjoyable for Brides and selecting the dress is a major decision and also a major cost.

Photography – average cost $2,845

Capturing the day is one of the most important things and a key tangible takeaway from the big day.  Selecting a Photographer is a personal decision and getting the right connection is important, you can see more on tips for selecting a photographer.

Marriage Celebrants – average cost $665

Three quarters of marriages surveyed were performed by a civil celebrant and as well as ensuring the legal components of the marriage are adhered to, the celebrant can also set the tone of the overall day so it’s important that you get the right person, you can see more on tips for selecting a wedding celebrant.

2016 Wedding Statistics

What else is there to spend money on?

Other things that you may be considering as part of your wedding include:

  • Wedding Transport – Avg $1,050
  • Videography – Avg $2,780
  • Catering – Avg $8,160
  • Wedding Hire – Avg $2,555
  • Wedding Music- Avg $1,455
  • Formal Wear- Avg $1,185
  • Decorations – Avg $1,810
  • Bridesmaid Dresses – Avg $ 780
  • Wedding Invitations – Avg $625
  • Wedding Cakes – Avg $ 525
  • Wedding Flowers- Avg $1,400
  • Hair & Makeup – Avg $640

And we haven’t even mentioned Photobooths, Bonbonniere and the Magician, (I am joking on the magician).  Now you may not be using all of the different items mentioned but you can see how quickly you could be dealing with up to 10 – 15 separate suppliers to create your big day. These wedding statistics are averages across Australia so they may or may not be applicable to your situation but it does give an indication of the spend in different categories.

So how do you get peace of mind with so many wedding suppliers and the deposits required?

The answer: Wedding Insurance from Our Perfect Wedding

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Happy Planning!


Thanks to Easy Weddings for publishing the 2016 Wedding Survey.